A List

Struggling with some writers block, so I'm making a list today!  How exciting! :P

1.  I have some exciting blog related news I'll be sharing with you in about a week and a half!

2.  We're supposed to have rain tonight that will turn to snow.  I doubt anything will stick, but it's still exciting.

3.  Can you believe there are only 16 days till Thanksgiving?!  Like, wow.  We've already got our turkey, and I am absolutely thrilled I only paid 74 cents a pound!

4.  We've already decided/planned to go get our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving this year.  We actually went to a tree farm and cut ours down last year and it was such a fun experience we are doing it again this year.  And we're bringing my mom along so she can pick out a tree too.

5.  I've tried some new recipes recently that have been a big hit, I hope to do some tutorials and share them soon.  Have you discovered any amazing recipes recently?

6.  Because of this much colder weather I have become my cats heated blanket!  They are trying to lay on me or my lap constantly!

7.  Lastly, just a mere 47 days till Christmas!  Agh!  This means Christmas shopping will begin soon which I just love to do.  My husband and I always have a blast shopping for my 9 nieces and nephews.  They range in age from 17 to 4, and we're looking for some unique gifts this year...any ideas?

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