Introducing: Shabby Apple!

I was recently approached by Shabby Apple to see if I would be interested in becoming an affiliate.  I checked out their site, and immediately said yes!  They have some of the cutest items, and a lot of vintage inspired items.  I thought I'd do a post introducing them, and their button on my sidebar (it's over here!---->) and share some of my favorite items they have.  So, here goes...

Above: One of the cute skirts offered by Shabby Apple.  I love these types of skirts as they are usually very flattering, not to mention not too short.

Above: Out of all of their dresses this is the one that I really liked.  It's nice and simple so you could dress it up or down.  And you could add some color with a cardigan, and purse.  Are your ready for something seriously adorable though?

Above:  A dress for a little girl that matches the adult dress!! I didn't know there was one that matched until I checked their kid section.  How cute is this?!

Above: They also have a selection of cute maternity dresses.  I love the color and bow placement on this one.

Above:  I love this one too!  The green is a pretty shade, again, I love the bow, and although the boots aren't included, it's such a cute look!

Above: I had to add in this other cute girls dress.  So cute and retro!

Above:  I really like this pearl necklace.  It's so classy.

Above:  I love this ring because it looks like something my grandma had.  Again, retro and so cute!

Above:  They even have a few of their own nail polishes!  So it's not just clothes and accessories!

Above:  They actually have a art and craft section!  I love these kitten magnets!

Above:  Last but not least, I love this purse!  So bright and bold.

I have to admit some of their prices are high, but they have such an awesome assortment of items.  And not your typical everyday items either.  I absolutely love the vintage feel they have, and absolutely adore their jewelry!  I just don't know what I want yet!

If you want to make a purchase feel free to go to head on over and check it out...here are the links:

Dresses from Shabby Apple
Dresses from Shabby Apple
Dresses from Shabby Apple

((As I mentioned at the very start of this post these are affiliate links, and I do recieve compensation if you visit their site and buy something.  With that being said I would never recommend a product, or service if I would not personally use it myself!))


Amy said...

Nice! I am definitely a Shabby Apple fan, though I haven't done any shopping in a while. The kitten magnets are cute.

Kirsten said...

Super cute! :)