Fall Is Here!

Just wanted to do a picture post and show you some of the fall sights around here.  We've had some warm days recently, but it's cool at night, and getting cooler by the day!  Great weather for dog walking and chai lattes!

Look at all those leaves on the ground!

My butternut squash, he got cooked, and is going to be turned into yummy bread!

This is one of the prettiest trees around here.  It's so vibrant!

Such pretty leaves!

This is the church next door to us.

Duke happily munching on a bone he found.  He's very unhappy about having to be on a harness and lead all the time, but hopefully he'll be cleared for normal activity at his next vet check up.

Dutchess munching happily on her bone.

Duke wouldn't let Dutchess lay by him, so she grabbed her bone, ran around him for a bit, then laid behind him and chewed her bone!

It may be fall, but the sky has been beautiful lately!

Fire in the fire pit...

so beautiful, and such a fun thing to do on a cold night!
What are your favorite fall activities?  Are the leaves changing, and temperatures dropping where you live?


Heather @ Mrs. Southern Bride said...

I love going hiking or taking long walks during fall. The colors and temperature are so nice around here! :)

Kirsten said...

Yay fall--my favorite time of year! I love taking fall hikes with my husband. :)