Highs and Lows: Week 6


  • it is WAAAY too hot and humid!  My goodness, we could only bear about 20 minutes yesterday outside with our dogs at at time.  The temperature was 98, but with humidity it felt like 115!
  • I had some type of mid-summer cold over the weekend-I always find it interested how you can have a cold when it is soooo HOT
  • power was out for quite a few hours this morning
  • pretty boring weekend, due to me not feeling good, and not much to do
  • one of our kittens has a cold :(
  • met some AWESOME new bloggers lately!
  • I have gotten two small green bean harvests, they are LOVING this weather
  • I also have 12 small green tomatoes growing!
  • I have started embroidering again
  • blackberries are thisclose to being ripe
  • 73 days until Fall!  (I don't know about any of you, but fall is a favorite season of mine!)

What are your highs and lows from this past week?

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Have a wonderful Monday!


Lexie Lane said...

This is so cute and I love your header!

Isn't it funny how your day can just be determined by the heat?

I'm your newest follower!

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Lexie Lane

Sophie said...

cool post! power outage is not pleasant. it's hot here too! though it's better recently :) you can put up some pics of your embroidery soon :) a high for me was a new church! great people and sermon! Low: mmm, nothing really or just can't remember? Also, how do your followers keep increasing by the minute?! I've been following closely lol. Well, your blog is always inviting! :) stay well, missy!

Rebecca said...

I love the high/low idea...

Let's see:
High: I'm on vacation.
Low: I'm on vacation. (taveling can be a lot of hassle!)



ShanimalsCrackers.blogspot.com said...

I think it's a good idea to write the highs in your week. Usually I just focus on the lows. :/

Kirsten said...

It is UNBEARABLY hot here too! I keep reminding myself about the dead of winter and how I always long for the heat when it's cold outside, haha! :)

Amy said...

The heat is crazy here, too! I've been staying indoors a lot.

That was a low, so here's a high - my garden is doing well and that makes me actually want to eat all those fruits and veggies you suggest.

Hope your kitten is feeling better!