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Ok, so I've heard around the blogosphere people talking about their love of http://pinterest.com/.  When I first checked it out, I was so so.  However over the last week, I've really started to see the beauty in it!  For today's post, I thought I'd show you some pictures of some rooms I've found that I really love!  I was surprised by how much my tastes have changed since I was younger!  Ok, here we go...

Living Room-
Being as we have dogs, big, black dogs, we're almost 100% we will have a black couch, just in case you were wondering!

I am really in love with gray, black, white and yellow!  I love the wall color, accents, and picture frames in this picture.

I love the wall color, with the stark white contrasts, and I LOVE all the bright colored pillows on the couch.  I admit I'm unsure if I would do those particular colors though.

As I stated above, I love the bright, bold walls and the crisp white trim and pictures.

Ok, I really, really like that mirror!  I love the white, gray and yellow.  It's so bright and cheerful!
I'm not sure if I love the green, per say, but change that to gray or blue, and I really like it.  I  long to have such a bathtub someday!

This is very appealing to me.   Not a fan of the pulls on the cabinets, but love the colors, and spa like feel of this bathroom.
Notice a trend?!  Love the white, with blue and white cabinets. 

I really love this color green with the cabinets.  It looks so clean,  AND green is supposed to make your food taste better.

This  may be one of my favorites.  The wall color is great, and it really looks retro, and I love the pops of red.  However, I think it's something that isn't timeless enough and therefore I may grow out of it.
Love this shade of green, love the headboard, AND mirror.

I wish, wish, wish, I could have this comforter, alas, I have big, black dogs!  I also really love this teal color!

I am conflicted about this room!  I really like the colors, but it seems fairly masculine.  However, out of all these pictures , this is the one my husband likes the most.  AND he said it wasn't "dark enough"!

Love this bed, like the thought of having black and white pictures, and I'm still conflicted on how I feel about this chandelier!

My MOST favorite bedroom!  I love the gray walls, I love the hints of yellow, I love the pictures and bedspread!  All love!
Have you checked out pinterest?  Do you like it, or not?!

Have a great weekend!

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Lesley said...

okay that green bathroom is truly amazing.....never thought I'd like that color of green...but it is AWESOME....I loveee Pinterest...I'm a truly an addict!

thank you so much for coming by on the social parade....I will be blog stocking you now!

Kristen said...

Um, I'm obsessed with pinterest! In fact, I probably should ban myself from it for at least a week and I'd get a lot more accomplished each day. www.pinterest.com/garzaka

Thanks for commenting and following me - I'm here to do the same thing! Can't wait to explore your blog some more!


cajunlicious said...

Following you back! Love the colors in all these photos!!!

Brandi @ Frugal Farmhouse said...

that green bathroom window is beautiful! I love dreaming... keeps me sane!

Sophie said...

Checked it out once and was like like you: so and so..but this pics are lovely...

Kirsten said...

Those pictures are stunning! I am still trying to figure out Pinterest and if I want to commit to it, haha! :)

Coley said...

gorgeous, gorgeous inspiration photos! We have the same taste :)

Coley at