Busy Day & Giveaway News!

I feel like I've been working on the computer forever!!  I made some graphics yesterday, and this morning I worked on a particularly special post, and had comments, and e-mails to take care of.  I wanted to clean, and then write my post, but I figured if I'm already at the computer I might as well write my post now.

I have cleaning to get caught up on today.  That is the biggest task on my to do list!  Things are pretty clean around here, it's more or less the details I need to get done.  Like, I need to really clean my washer and dryer, and check everywhere for cobwebs.  I have rearranged my computer location which was MUCH needed.  We've had our laptop on a really small desk.  My current computer desk doesn't even fully fit under it and when I blog Dutchess lays on my feet.  But it's sooo small I end up having to sit sideways so she can fit.  I moved my laptop to a big table which will now be my desk AND sewing area.

Monday morning Rob and I went out and did some gardening.  It was VERY needed.  Things got way too out of hand, so we did a ton of weeding.  Rob hoed around the tomatoes, and I pulled grass and weeds out from around my green beans.  We have a total of 11 tomato plants, all of which were looking pretty good.  Unfortunately I think my husband hit one of the smallest plants with his hoe, and then our dog Dutchess, was playing with Duke and totally ran through one of the best looking plants we had!  The tomato plant was maybe 2 feet high, but it got hit with 65 pounds of flying dog, so we thought it may die.  Upon inspection today, I think it'll make it.  I also harvested more than two handfuls of green beans.  Which is pretty amazing being as Monday morning there wasn't even a full handful!

That's pretty much it in the way of exciting news!!

Don't forget tomorrow is my 100th post, AND my very first giveaway!!  So check in as soon as you can tomorrow to enter to win!


Schy said...

Cant wait to see what the giveaway is! Just grabbed your button too :)

Alana of Taylor Made Home said...

Looking forward to the giveaway and your milestone 100th post! Just wanted to let you know that you are this week's "Favorite Follower" over at Taylor Made Home. Check it out: http://www.ourtaylormadehome.com/2011/07/weekly-shout-outs-7711.html