The Art of Housewifery: Introduction

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I participate in three linkys each week.  I love these linkys!!  They link together women who are sharing about homemaking, children, relationships, food, and much more.  I’ve previously posted on vintage household tips that I got out of a cookbook.  I’ve been thinking for quite a while on what I wanted to do once that was done.  After thinking, and praying, I’ve decided to do a massive series of posts.  The series is titled “The Art of Housewifery”.  This collection of series is all about all the different aspects of homemaking.  I currently do not know how long this series will run, that’s how many different ideas, and aspects there are to this!  These are the main 11 sections, in no particular order, along with different subjects covered under each:

       ¥            Cooking/Nutrition/Food Hygiene
o   Nutritional facts, general knowledge
o   Meat handling, kitchen/cutting board clean up, etc
o   Basic kitchen knowledge with picture tutorials for cutting onions, different chopping techniques, essential kitchen utensils, baking tips and tricks, cooking tips and tricks, how to season a cast iron skillet, cooking time management, flavoring butters, thawing meats, etc
o   Easy, yet super elegant recipes for a romantic dinner or dinner party
o   Link up to share favorite recipes
o   Meal planning
o   Creating an effective grocery store list
o   Making food look good on your plate
o   Copy cat recipes
o   Substitutes when cooking
       ¥            Basic First Aid
o   What to do when an accident happens
o   Determine if medical treatment needed
o   Disinfecting and treating wounds, cuts, scratches, bites or burns
o   Heimlich and CPR basics
o   First aid for household pets as well
       ¥            Gardening
o   How to till ground
o   Picking out seeds
o   To use raised boxes or not
o   Homemade pesticides
o   How to plant
o   Where to plant
o   How to pick
o   What to plant
o   Weeding
o   Benefits of gardening
o   How to store and can food properly after harvesting
       ¥            Minor Home Repair
o   How to replace faucet washer
o   How to change a fuse
o   How to repair an electric plug
o   How to unclog sink or drain
o   How to hang a picture
       ¥            Minor clothing repair
o   Reattaching button, or adding button
o   Mending a rip or tear
o   Hemming a pair of pants, or skirt
o   Fix ripped seam
       ¥            Minor car maintenance/repair
o   How to change a tire
o   Check oil
o   Check tire pressure
o   Fill washer fluid
o   Other should know tips
o   What to do if you have an accident
o   How to change the oil
       ¥            Money management
o   Creating successful budget
o   Set goals for saving, or paying things off
o   Tracking income
o   Tracking spending
o   Find other ways of saving
       ¥            Home Décor Basics
o   Learning do’s and don’ts
o   Creating inviting spaces with colors and furniture pieces
o   Using décor items, candles/simmering pots to create a homey environment
       ¥            Cleaning/housekeeping
o   How to tacking tough cleaning tasks
o   Basic knowledge on what to clean first, how to clean certain things
o   Organization tips and tricks
o   Decluttering techniques
o   How to clean a toilet
o   Safe and easy disinfecting
o   Keep on top of cleaning/schedule cleaning
o   How to clean the fridge
o   How to properly wash dishes
       ¥            Laundry
o   How to wash , and dry clothes
o   How to get stains out
o   Sorting laundry
o   How to fold clothes, and sheets
o   Proper ironing techniques
o   Understanding labels
o   Needs of different types of clothing items, or fabric
o   How to meet those needs
       ¥            Specialty Skills
o   Easy cake decorating
o   Creating own laundry detergent/household cleaning products
o   Sewing with patterns, hand sewing, embroidery, making rag quilt/fleece blanket, how sewing machine works
o   Napkin folding, folding fitted sheets
o   Proper table setting
o   How to host a dinner party/hospitality
o   Easy at home crafting ideas
o   How to cut hair
o   How to arrange flowers
o   ((Maybe more, but not sure yet!))

As you can tell there are a lot of sections to this!  My biggest inspiration to doing this is because the art of homemaking, and the passing of skills from one generation to the next is severely lacking.  I personally grew up with an exceptional homemaker as a mother, however I learned very little.  I was not very receptive, and honestly didn’t see the value.  My entire goal for this is to teach others, and to learn more myself.  I am not a master of all these skills; however I plan on doing research for every item, and then showing with words, pictures, or videos on how to get them accomplished.  I hope you join me on this adventure!  We will start next Tuesday with my very first post which will be on cooking, nutrition, and food hygiene!



Niki said...

I absolutely LOVE this idea! I've been married for 3.5 years and still am at a loss of how to be a proper and productive housewife. It really doesn't help that a neighbor has asked me to teach her daughter how to be a housewife...YIKES!

Looking forward to this series!

Missy said...

Great idea! I'm looking forward to your first post! :)

Alana of Taylor Made Home said...

I am so excited about this series! You are so right that these skills that were at one time necessary, are now almost a lost artform. I wanted to do something similar but I decided not to make it an official series but just try to learn (or improve) different homemaking skills. Can't wait to read more!

The Atypical Housewife said...

@ Niki-Thank you! I've only been an "active" housewife for the last year or so. There are a lot of things I know, but I want to learn more!! I hope this series helps us both learn more, and become better housewives! How exciting she asked you to to teach her daughter!! I'm sure you'll do great!!

@ Missy-Thanks, I really can't wait to start!

@ Alana-It really is sad to think that not too long ago, women taught their daughters these skills, and even passed down homemaking journals to help them. Hopefully we can help pass these skills on to our children!

Carrie B said...

Thanks for a great article. I'm unable to be 100% housewife, but I think the skills are valuable for all women regardless. Oh by the way, the link from the Homemaker By Choice blog hop said "blog not available" for some reason. :-/ I had to look the article up on your site, which is very pretty by the way!

Christy said...

Ah, if only the internet had been available when I was first married my home would have been so much nicer! This looks like it will be a great series!
(At 23 years of marriage I still have so much to learn!)