Thank you so much Life with Twins & a Drama Queen, for this awesome award!  If you haven't already, head on over and check her site out!  She has had the cutest posts!

I also want to thank Heather @ Catfish Kisses for awarding me with the Versatile blogger award!  Head on over and check out her site as well, she's in the midst of wedding planning!

Being as I got two awards, and I was a slacker and didn't post about the first one I recieved before I got a second one, I'm combining the two!

The Rules:
  1. Link the person back who awarded you
  2. Share 7 things about yourself
  3. Answer the following questions below
  4. Award this to 10 bloggers

Here are 7 things about myself:

1. I have naturally curly hair.
2. I love taking pictures.
3. I'm surprised I'm successful in any way when it comes to blogging!
4. I'm a very laid back, calm person, when bad things happen I am the crazy calm person.
5. I've never gotten a speeding ticket.  ((Or any other ticket))
6. I'm a great cook, but struggle making pancakes.
7. I guiltily will confess on occasion I drink Monster energy drinks.  Not for the energy, just because I love the way it tastes!  It's a bad habit that needs breaking!

Name your favorite color-

Name your favorite song-
Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls

Name your favorite dessert-
Oh boy.  Probably chocolate cheesecake of any type.

What wizzes you off- 
I don't get upset at people too often, but if I do it's because they're immature.

When you’re upset you-
I do my best cleaning when I'm upset! 

Your favorite pet-
I don't pick and or have favorites!

Black or white-
It really just depends.
Your biggest fear-
I'm currently unsure.

best feature-
My stunning sense of humor!

Everyday attitude-

What is perfection-
Jesus is the only perfection.

Guilty pleasure-
Haha, I'll go with the Monster energy confession again.

I’m awarding these 10 blogs!! Congratulations!!

  1. The Ramblings of Miss Aimymichelle
  2. The Modern Christian Bride
  3. The Journal (and Ramblings) of a Young Housewife (just so everyone knows, she hasn't recently posted as I'm pretty sure she just had her first little baby, a boy named Gryffen!)
  4. Taylor Made Home
  5. Our Simple Country Life
  6. Making a Joyful Home
  7. Keeping House
  8. Homemaker By Choice (another blog where there may not be current posts as just YESTERDAY she gave birth to her very first child, a daughter named Anya!)
  9. Graceful Little Honey Bee
  10. A Pause on the Path


Shanda said...

Oh wow....that is so sweet of you. Thank you! Now I know what to post tomorrow ;)

Kirsten said...

Thank you for the award! :) Have a beautiful Friday today!

Amy said...

Thanks for the award! Things are a little hectic here as I had company stop in unexpectedly, but I'll be blogging soon.

aimymichelle said...

awwwwwww thanks! that makes my heart happy for sure.