Highs & Lows Week 4


  • air conditioning!!  Weather has been in the 90's and so humid!  I'm so thankful for air conditioning
  • got inserts made for my mom and dads anniversary party, got them in with filled out invitations, and in the mail today, along with the ones for Rob's moms party!!
  • on a whim started and almost finished a jean skirt out of an old pair of jeans
  • went grocery shopping!! I love having plenty of meal options to chose from
  • mosquitoes!
  • had a really bad day Saturday, our debit card got eaten by an atm, and neither the bank or the issuer of the card would say why!  No problems with the account, just the atm people said they were told to do so by the bank and the bank said it happened because of the atm people, got our old car inspected for my mom and dad, and the guy who inspected it failed it due to a "jiggly" headlight that has been the exact same way for the last 3 years!!  It also failed for broken springs in the back, which is understandable.  The mechanic asked if it failed due to a light or something if Rob would want it automatically replaced, Rob asked how much they would charge and the guy said 15 dollars!!  Rob told him to call if anything was wrong, and not to fix anything!!  ((You can buy light bulbs and things of that nature for about 3-4 dollars, and put them in yourself!!))  When Rob heard the car failed for springs, he understood, but the head light jiggling, combined with the atm incident was too much!  He was soooo angry.  The cost quoted for fixing the springs was 750 or so dollars, NOT including fixing the jiggly headlight, which would have to be done at a body shop so it would be just like it was from factory!!  Rob ended up fixing the springs himself for 75.00!!  Thankfully the car passed inspection today, and the guy inspecting it found no fault in the issue of the "jiggly" headlight.
I could add more lows if I really wanted to, but, I don't want this to be too negative!!  Hope everyone had a good weekend!

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