Weekend Pictures

Yesterday Amber @ Lucky Lees To Be had a post on blog tips.  She included a link to picnik.com  I have been to said site before but thought, oh, it's no big deal.  However, when you see a tutorial on a blog, and go to Picnik, it changes everything!! That's where I made my new header, and it's also where I made these two collages.  I'm considering getting a premium membership but I'm not totally sure yet!  I love it!!  Here are two small collages I made today!

 In the above photo I took some pictures of my lettuce, apple blossoms, and strawberry blossoms!!

These kittens are TOO CUTE!!  They are almost 6 weeks, and are no longer containable!!  They were in our bathroom, but then we had plumbing problems so I put them in a big box in the living room.  They really wanted out so I made them a "play pen".  Then they started finding ways out of that!  Two days ago they were officially released!!  It's funny, my 80 pound, semi aggressive lab  mix, who doesn't like strange animals, LOVES these kittens!  He licks them, and seriously thinks they are his babies.  All in all, just too cute!!

Have a great weekend!

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