Cleaning Tips

Everyone has there own little stock pile of cleaning tips.  I thought I would go ahead and share some of the ones I use, that I really like, and use often!

1.  Take a cup of water, and place it in the microwave.  Microwave until the water is boiling, and let it go just a little while longer.  When it's finished, let it stay in place for awhile to cool. Then remove the cup and wipe up any messes or spills in your  microwave.  The steam from the boiling water helps to soften microwave yuckies!  You could also add a lemon wedge to make it smell a little fresher.

2.  I HATE smudges when I wash the tv screen or computer screen and especially mirrors.  I always spray my mirror with window cleaner, and then wipe it away with a newspaper!!  Newspaper is amazing because it leaves NO smudges or streaks!

3.  My husband is a mechanic.  His clothes are ridiculously dirty sometimes!  I usually do a few pairs of pants, and a few shirts, I fill the washing machine with water, detergent, and my special ingredient, borax!!  Then I let it sit for anywhere up to 30 minutes before actually running the load of clothes.  It helps break down grease and dirt and helps get things cleaner.

4.  One of my favorites, is with pots, pans, dutch ovens that you burnt something in.  You have a yucky, tough layer of black at the bottom.  I usually sprinkle baking soda in the pan.  Fill it half way with water, and boil it for awhile.  It helps lift and remove the burn parts.  Then you just have to put some elbow grease into it and you got a pan almost good as new!

5.  Have a stain on a white dish or coffee cup?  I recently got new dishes, they're white, and I'm a little over protective.  Of course I had tea one day, and I left my cup in my craft room and totally forgot about it.  Once I found it and washed it, it was stained!!  I scrubbed all I could with soap to no avail.  I ended up sprinkling some salt in my cup, and started scrubbing, and it came right off!!  I've heard you can also use lemon wedges, or let your dish soak in baking soda and vinegar over night.

6.  Patience!!  Every so often on my stove, in the fridge or elsewhere I find some type of crud that just won't unstick itself.  Using a knife to scrape it would scrape the surface underneath it as well.  What to do?  Spay it with cleaner, and...walk away!  Let it soak for a bit, then come back and in most cases it will wipe right away.  If it's still being stubborn, try a plastic scrub brush from your sink!

Those are my most used tips, what are some of your favorite tips?!


Gretchen said...

I have learned that it's okay to be "lazy" when it comes to housework- meaning that I don't have to make it harder than it is. It's okay to buy disposable cleaning tools and they work really darn well! I LOVE my Mr Clean Magic Eraser (both regular and bathroom- they are MAGIC on soap scum! It comes right off!!!) and Clorox wipes. I have asthma and my Swiffer duster is my bestie, and I LURVE my DirtDevil handheld. I'll never go back to a brush and pan again. lol. Lazy, lazy, lazy, right? lol.

Gretchen @ The Proverbs Thirty-HUH?! Woman

aimymichelle said...

baking soda gets out so many things its crazy.