The Way I Clean

I grew up in a house where my mom took care of the house.  She was, and still is, like a whirlwind!  She can get things clean quickly, and seems to know just what to do to get things done.  I've always struggled with cleaning.  I tend to let small things go until they're big things, and then feel completely overwhelmed!! When I first started keeping house, I realized I needed some type of help and clarity when I clean.  I quickly learned I need a list to clean.  Not just a generalized list, but a pretty detailed list!  I do not know anyone else who cleans in this way, but this is definitely what works best for me.

When I am getting ready to clean, I get a notebook, and I look around the room.  Here is an example of my list for our bedroom...

  • tidy by closet area
  • clean desk
  • clean nightstands
  • clean tall dresser
  • dust by windows
  • check baseboards/ceilings for cobwebs
  • clean under bed
  • make sure no clothes sitting around
  • declutter any items not already put away
  • sweep
  • mop
My lists can at time be even more detailed.  It just depends on my struggle for feeling in charge of getting things done!  In addition to making lists, I'm also trying to work on self discipline in making sure I upkeep simple things so they don't become overwhelming.  That is something that is a constant struggle!  If anyone has any tips for that I'd love to hear them!!

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