My Favorite Thing

Sorry for such a horrible picture!  Unfortunately this is the only one I could find of one of my favorite things!!  I found these Canopy square plates at Walmart months ago.  I fell in love with them instantly!  I'm the kind of person that changes my mind about colors, and themes, and such quite often, I wanted a set of dishes that were white, so no matter what they'd match everything.  The other things I fell in love with were the fact that these dishes are restaurant quality, oven, microwave, and dishwasher safe!  Oven safe!! OVEN!  I was already dreaming of warming my dishes in the oven before serving dinner so everything would be nice and hot.  For my birthday my husband bought me my dishes.  I've been in love with them ever sense!  These plates are really, really heavy, which can be difficult but I am glad they are heavy because they are durable!  I have yet to drop one on the ground, but I have hit the corners of them very, very often while washing them.  Just last week I was washing one of the bowls, and the bowl got slippery because of the soap, and fell from my hands into the sink.  Not one chip or scuff!!  Needless to say, I love my dishes even more!!

What's one of your favorite things?!


Schy said...
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Schy said...

Thanks for the comment back. I appreciate the advice I am thinking of making a journal with marriage advice I've gotten from other people if I can stay organized enough :)

These dishes are really cute espcially for a minimalist look plus they can be dressed up for any season/holiday. & If you set the table with pretty bright fresh flowers it'll create a great pop of color. One of my favorite things is colorful nail polish especially now that its almost SUMMERTIME!