Menu Plan for May 19th-June 3rd

I've seen a few people post on their meal plans.  I thought I'd go ahead and share mine as well!!  We always plan out two weeks at a time.  We always plan for at least 10 meals, but usually we have enough for a few extra if we needed.  We usually try to go out once a week, and on Sundays we eat and spend the day with my parents.  I do not assign any particular meal to any particular day mainly because it is subjective to what sounds good on that particular day.  My husband and I usually talk about it right before he goes to work or on his lunch break.  I do not list breakfasts because I never really plan for them.  We almost always have the basics, so it's just whatever we have time for and what sounds good!!  If you look at this menu and think, wow, that's a lot of sides, don't be alarmed!  My husband refuses to eat some vegetables, so I supplement with things he does eat!

Lunch:  chicken salad/leftovers
Dinner:  Beef bourguignon with mashed potatoes
Lunch:  César salad w/ grilled chicken/leftovers
Dinner:  feta burgers with homemade fries and cucumber tomato salad

Lunch:  egg salad/leftovers
Dinner:  Marlboro man chicken with side salad, homemade chips

Lunch:  Greek salad/leftovers
Dinner:  Mexican

Lunch:  chicken salad/leftovers
Dinner:  chicken strips with homemade dipping sauce, fries and side salad

Lunch:  egg salad/leftovers
Dinner:  BBQ chicken, roasted corn, side salad, potatoes

Lunch:  Mexican salad/leftovers
Dinner:  cheeseburgers, fries, side salad

Lunch:  salad with chicken/leftovers
Dinner:  homemade pizza

Lunch:  chicken salad/leftovers
Dinner:  herb roasted chicken, green beans, side salad

Lunch:  egg salad/leftovers
Dinner:  camping trip!!

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Anonymous said...

ok- recipes for marlboro man chicken and feta burgers please!