Highs & Lows Week 3


  • had a lovely girls day with my cousin
  • bought a dress I wasn't even looking to buy, and getting it on sale
  • had a great date night with my husband to a really nice resturaunt
  • discovering more about myself, and where my life is headed
  • my green bean plants got attacked by bunnies, I thought they were going to die, but they're growing new leaves!
  • more sprouts in the garden
  • my lovely baby kittens are going to new homes tomorrow :(
  • it's HOT here in Kansas City.  Not just hot, but soooo humid.
  • feeling overwhelmed with all the laundry/cleaning/planting/etc that I have to do
  • going a little over budget on groceries
Those are my high and lows from this past week, what are yours?  Hope everyone has a great Monday!!

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