Things have been a bit stressful and busy lately.  This has left me with a lot on my mind, and writers block to boot.  I have a fairly interesting post I want to do sometime soon, but just haven't had the time or energy to actually do any research for it!  Because of said writers block, I'm going to write another list...yay!?

1.  My moms anniversary party is just a mere 79 days away.  I need to get some more things lined up, but I keep procrastinating!  Even though it's still early, I know I still want to have the majority of all planning completed.  I am determined to host and cater a party while being calm cool and collected!

2.  I made a very delicious cucumber tomato salad yesterday.  I've seen said salad before but never tried it, yesterday it sounded perfect, and it was super yummy.  It went perfect with my feta stuffed burger.  YUM!

3.  I'm pretty sure I have a caffeine addiction.  AKA diet Pepsi addiction.  It's a bad habit that has to stop!!  But it's so yummy it's difficult to do.

4.  I need to do laundry!!

5.  I have naturally curly hair, and I want to straighten it, but I just know if I straighten it, it will rain.  It never fails.

6.  I can't wait to go swimming.  I love swimming, and I miss it like a goldfish misses the ocean.  (I am aware that goldfish don't actually live in the ocean, but I bet they want too, think of the square footage?!)

7.  I really hope my next post doesn't contain a list!!

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