Too Busy

Oh boy, the last few weeks have just been way, way too busy.  I am glad the new year has begun, as I have very high hopes of what is to come.  I have lost of plans, and hopes, but it is definitely a wait and see kind of thing.  Christmas went very well this year.  Rob and I spent Christmas Eve like we do every year at my mom and dads with my entire family.  We had food, and opened gifts.  Then Rob and I headed home, and then woke up and opened gifts together before heading to spend the day with my mom and dad.  I'll try to list out all my gifts but I may forget some!  I got a cast iron skillet and dutch oven, metal measuring cups and spoons, a mortar and pestel, tongs, a big skillet, a food processor, and a few other cooking items.  I also got, as previously mentioned, a new camera!  I got Rob tools, and some shirts, gloves, and a hat.  Mom and dad got us quite a bit of stuff too.  It was a very good Christmas!  Since Christmas I have been battling a crazy cold.  I thought I was better, but now I'm feeling sick again.  I'm going to try to rest all day today and eat some oranges and see if that will help me kick this thing for good!

The only other exciting thing is that we got a new laptop, finally!  We've been using a super tiny laptop.  I think the screen was 10 inches.  It was itty bitty.  The one we got yesterday has a 17 inch screen, it's huge, but oh so awesome!  Welp, that's all I got to say, I hope to write more soon though!  Here's hoping and praying this cold goes away!!

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