It is 6:18 A.M. and my husband just left for work.  I won't see him until about 7 P.M. tonight.  My husband is a diesel mechanic, and his job is about 45 minutes away.  His work is physically and mentally challenging.  He lifts things that are nearly 100 pounds, and he has to figure out whats wrong with the semis he works on.  He amazes me.  Not just because he is physically strong, and not just because he is smart, but because he has seamlessly taken the slack with us becoming a one income family very unexpectedly.  He makes all the money, yet, unlike some men, he doesn't look down on me for not having a "real" job.  With all the jobs I've ever had, I've always truly hated them.  Working at a traditional job has always been difficult and downright depressing.  Nowadays, with me taking care of our home, I realize just how happy I am.  We may not be rich, and we may have to be on a budget, and yea, maybe we use a coupon or two, but I am happy, and my husband is happy!

This year, Thanksgiving is so much more meaningful for me.  I have things in my life I am truly, and deeply thankful for.  I am so grateful that God is so good, that he has blessed us with so much.

What are you thankful for this year?

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