Another Day

I keep getting all excited about Thanksgiving, only to  realize it's still a ways away!  I just absolutely cannot wait.  It's such a wonderful holiday.  There is yummy food, great company, and a chance to truly be thankful and reflect on all the glorious gifts we have!  On Thanksgiving day I will be going to my sisters.  We always sit down before eating, and name one thing we are thankful for.  I am cooking a Thanksgiving dinner on the 27th.  I heard of the coolest idea for sharing what your thankful about.  Check it out!

It's called a thankful tree!  Not only is it a great centerpiece and or decorative item, it's super cute!  You just need a vase, and some sticks.  And then you do is you cut out paper leaves.  Hole punch them and tie fishing line or even ribbon through the hole.  Then you lay them out on the table and your guests fill it out and hang the leaves on the "branches".  I think this is such a cute idea I love it!

Today I need to finish getting the house all nice and clean and tidy for the weekend.  Rob, my husband just switched to a new schedule.  He is working Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  He works ten hour days, and then is off for three.  It's so hard getting myself readjusted to his schedules!  This is our first full week though, so I know it will take time to adjust.  Tomorrow I'll be spending the day at my moms house.  We all go to church together, and just chill around the house all day.  It is really nice to get out, and spend some time with my family.  Speaking of family, I feel so sorry for my darling doggie, Duke.  He has an ear infection.  We are taking him to the vet Monday morning, but the wait is driving me crazier than the ear bothers my dog!  I hate knowing he may be in pain.

Ok, I'm off to clean!

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