When I think, I have a tendency to walk around.  Movement seems to help me think.  I also tend to look out windows, spying on nature.  The other day I was rewarded with these two squirrels foraging in the yard.

I'm pretty sure this was the momma squirrel.  She was just munching away on acorns.  She was not spooked by any cars, or the dogs occasional barking.

Then I spotted this adorable baby (ish) squirrel on the tree!  It was noticeably smaller, and much more feisty and nervous.

It flew around and down the tree, jumping down and taking just a few steps before it plunged it's little claws into the Earth!

He was really getting in there!  Moving leaves, and pushing himself into his work.

Bingo!!  An acorn was found!  It was though, all too dangerous to eat it there on the ground.  There could be other big mean squirrels, or dogs...or CATS!  Eek!

So with his acorn firmly clutched in his mouth, he flew up the tree...

...to settle onto a branch, and happily feast on his tasty morsel!  All the while, mother squirrel was steadfast and oddly unamused by her youngsters squirrely antics...

As you can see, she had already had an acorn or five by the time junior found and fled with his very lonely acorn!

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