2012 Thanksgiving Guide: Setting the Tone

So, we've planned the meal, and we've prepared for our guests, next up is setting the tone for Thanksgiving.  Creating the atmosphere is more than just cleaning, it's about setting out candles, playing sweet music, and having great smells floating in the air!  So today, I'm going to share with you some ideas on creating a great atmosphere for your home this year.

-Lighting.  As simple as it may seem, I truly think candle light does great things for making a space seem cozy.  It's warm and extremely inviting.  Here are some great examples of fun, festive candle ideas!

1.  Candles in jars filled with nuts.  I also love that the base of the jars is surrounded by some greenery.  Source.

2.  Tall candle jars, filled with branches topped with floating candles.  This is not only whimsical, but elegant and truly beautiful!  Source.

3.  A candle jar filled with cranberries!  I love this idea, it's fitting for the holiday, and also a great pop of color!  Source.

4.  Tea lights nestled into apples.  Not only is this perfect for Thanksgiving, it also smells delicious.  Perfect for your table!  Source.

5.  I totally fell in love with this one!  A long, rustic box, filled with candles, small pumpkins, gourds, and twig garland.  <3 Source.

6.  You tend to see a lot of candles sitting in some type of element.  These are made a little more interesting with the leaves tied to them in jute.  I love how earthy Thanksgiving decor can be!  Source.

7.  How cute are these?  These are very rustic, and simple.  Mason jars filled with clear stones, a floating candle all tied together with jute.  What's not to love?  Source.

Next up is decorating the table.  It's the place everyone will be gathered, sharing delcious foods and things they're thankful for.  Although it seems weird, as humans we eat first with our eyes!  Which is why a pretty table goes a great distance in setting a special atmosphere.

1.  This is such an interesting tablescape!  I love how the warm glow from the candles!  They used nice earthy tones and decor.  They have gourds and pumpkins, along with some antlers (such a awesome idea!).  Source.

2.  Another gorgeous set up.  I love the centerpiece, lots of candles, and bits of nature brought to the table.  I also love the the napkin with the leaf tied to it.  Source.

3.  This is probably one of my favorite tablescape out of all of these.  I just love it!  I love the rustic aspects, with the gourds and antlers.  The colors are noticeable but not overwhelming.  I wish I could steal it for my own table! Source.

4.  This layout is definitely on the modern side.  Rich colors of orange and gray, big square plates, and a perfectly balanced centerpiece.  It's something different than what is usually seen for Thanksgiving!  Source.

5.  A very different and unique tablescape.  I love that it kind of makes me think of spring because of the flower centerpiece.  I also adore that they used green cups, yet had nice chocolate accents in their napkins and the pine cones!  Beautiful.  Source.

6.  This is the type of tablescape I could envision my mom doing!  It's so pretty, and perfect!  I love the brown tablecloth, and the contrasting napkins on the plates.  They have feathers in vases, along with sparkly pumpkins and accents.  It's so pretty!  Source.

Next up are place settings.  These were briefly shown above, but the ones I've picked out are a little different.  If you wanted to do a simple arrangement in the middle of the table, you could then fancy it up with these great place setting/name card ideas!

1.  I find this place setting kind of ironic!  We have one of the sugar gum trees in our front year, and every fall we get hundred of these little spikey balls all over the yard!  What a great idea to take something so unique, put a bow and a tag on it and create a name card!  Genius!  Source.

2.  Ok, seriously, how adorable is this?  It's very non traditional, it's very bright and cheery, and just perfect!  I could see this being perfect for someone who may find the fall season a little too glum and gloomy.  Source.

3.  No name tag on this one, but it'd be easy to add one.  I just love the way they set up this place setting.  It is just so lovely!  I think it's the combination of the deep rich purple, the green of the apple, and then all the gourds in the centerpiece.  Source.

4.  Just about perfect for a fall table, miniature pumpkins turned name card holder!  I love these because they are super simple, and perfectly lovely.  You can't tell from the smaller picture but it looks like they made their name tags and attached them with a sewing pin.  Source.

5.  This one is very unique!  The setting and silverware are all very formal.  I love the folded napkin adored with two feathers.  This is a great one if you want to do something that isn't all about gourds, pumpkins and apples!  Source.

6.  This one is pretty traditional.  It's nice a light with the white tablecloth, with great texture coming from the place mats.  I love the small berries and the stalks of wheat.  Best of all is the pumpkin used as a place card!  No waste from this either as you could cook them up afterwards!  Source.

7.  Another place setting I just love.  It must have something to do with the purple and the apples, I don't know I just love it!  I also love the way the napkin looks twisted, and they have also just pinned the card to the apple.  Source.

I  hope you enjoyed this run down of these great Thanksgiving tone setters!  I want to add that all of these were found via pinterest and each source is listed to the link the pin went too.  Many of these don't have tutorials or anything of that nature unfortunately!  I hope this helps get you in the frame of mind to turn your table into something beautiful this year!

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