Brush of Fall

Today is the coldest day we've had here in months.  It's one in the afternoon and a whopping 56 degrees.  The low will be 47.  Fall is on it's way, you can feel it outside now.  Not just by the lower temperatures, but because the trees are giving up leaves and the light shines in a different way.  I love the start of fall, it's an important time of year for me.  It's the start of the holidays, the most magical and enjoyable months of the year!  I'm trying to enjoy today and do some things that have been unbearable to think about...like snuggling under the covers, drinking something hot on the porch, read a little, and maybe do some knitting.  It's wonderful <3

I do apologize for having not written lately.  There is so much on my mind right now, and it's really killing my ability to write.  My personal goal is to have all the renovations done by October 1st.  Yea, time is moving much quicker than we are!  We have three weekends left to put down new flooring, paint, and I need to decorate.  Does anyone have any tips on picking a paint color?!  It's the single hardest thing I've ever done in my life.  My husband says he doesn't care what color, yet I show him a color and he says he doesn't like it.  All the colors he likes, I hate!  So funny, we can finish each others sentences but cannot for the life of us agree on a paint color!  Pray we can agree on something!

I hope everyone else is getting the chance to enjoy some nice cooler weather as well!

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