Come On A Walk With Us

Usually this time of year the dogs and I are stuck with short, quick potty break/walks.  It's usually so cold I'm partially numb by the time we get across the yard!  This year we've had nothing but nice days.  Today we're finally expecting our first snow, but yesterday it was 55 degrees out.  Needless to say we took advantage of that and did some exploring on our walk!

Sometime soon I'm going to do some before and after pictures of the scenery comparing spring to winter.  These days there is no color other than the sky!  Oh, and just so you know, in the above picture, the dogs are there, they just were way ahead of me!

We have tons of these trees around here.  They have thorns loaded all over the trunk and branches!  I had to google it because I had no idea what they were, but they are honey locust trees apparently!

A close up of those thorns.  I speak from experience when I say these thorns are NOT flip flop friendly and go right through.

Through the trees is the creek.  As I said, everything is so monotone this time of year.  Just slight hints of green in the creek and grass.  Even though everything looks dormant, there are always things moving everywhere.

This tree was huge!  For some reason I had never really noticed it or it size before.  I decided to get artistic and stand in the shadow, and take a picture of it.

This is me standing at the longest part of the shadow taking a picture of it the opposite way.  As you can tell by the white spot up in the right corner, it was a very, very bright day outside!

Next we headed over to the ponds.  They are quite a bit lower than they were during spring and summer, but it's been quite a while since we had any rain.  Dutchess and Duke both had a hay day swimming around. They didn't hesitate a bit before jumping in the water!

After hitting the pond we walked to one of our favorite spots at the moment.  A few years ago a cow died here.  Leaving behind a jackpot of bones.  On cold wet days, or just cold days this is usually where we go.  It's close, and has the bones for the dogs to chew on and play with.  In the above picture Duke and Dutchess are both hanging onto a rib bone.

I think this is one of my most favorite pictures!  They were tugging away and I just happened to get this picture.  Duke looks hilarious!

And in case you were wondering, Duke is the one who got it in the end.  But no fear, Dutchess had a scapula to chew on.

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Kirsten said...

Ahaha...those pictures of them with the bone are hysterical!