Another List

1.  I had wanted to post some organizational ideas from pinterest, but of course, their site is currently down!

2.  My husband has worked at his new job for almost two weeks.  He likes it, it's closer to home, we get paid weekly, but switching from a night shift to a day shift is killing us!  We both want to stay up too late, and don't want to get up in the morning.  I especially have GOT to get to bed earlier, so I can wake up early enough to make breakfast.  This is such a challenge though.

3.  I absolutely love my Keurig.  I haven't bought any new K-Cups, because the store didn't have what I wanted, but I am using it to make tea.  It's SO convenient.

4.  I'm trying to work at creating healthier meal plans for my husband and I.  My husband hates healthy food, (i.e. veggies)  I either need to figure out how to hide veggies in foods, or learn to make veggies in super delicious ways.  Any recipe suggestions?

5.  I am so excited about something I'm working on, and I want to share it with you guys badly, but I want to make sure it's not going to fall through first!

6.  I get canker sores often.  Especially after eating high acidity foods, like tomatoes and oranges.  I started taking L-Lysine 1000 mg pills, and since taking them I haven't gotten a canker sore!  Talk about your blessings!

7.  I haven't updated about Duke in awhile.  Since his surgery he has definitely gotten better and better.  He still limps, usually at odd times.  However, if you saw him on our daily walks, chasing animals or his sister, you would not know he recently had surgery.  During Duke's recovery Dutchess had a problem with her leg.  She was playing and started crying and could walk on one of her legs.  After massaging her leg, something popped and all was well!  It happened a few more times, and then we started both the dogs on glucosamine chondroitin and msm supplements.  Dukes leg improved and we had NO issues from Dutchess' leg.  I missed a week or a week and a half of them taking their pills around Christmas time.  Things were hectic and I kept forgetting (my lysine pills too!)  The last two days Dutchess has had the same problem again a few times.  I'm hoping getting back on the supplements will get things back to normal again.

8.  In other pet news, we got the cats catnip mice for Christmas.  I found out yesterday that Simba will play fetch with me with one of his mice!  He brings the mouse to where I am and if I put my hand out he will drop it and I throw it for him.  This continues until his sister steals it from him!

Well, that's all for now.  Anyone have any blog post ideas for me?  I have a few things I'm working on but I'm always interested in new ideas!  Also, anyone have any exciting news to share?!


Whitney said...

Hey Monica! I can completely relate to the difficulty of nights and then trying to live like day shift. We made it to bed at 2am and I have an appt. at 8am (what was I thinking?!). Nap later will surely follow. haha. Also, check out cookbooks by The Sneaky Chef. She creates recipes with hidden ingredients that are fantastic for picky eaters. They'll never know veggies went into practically everything. Lastly, I've been meaning to suggest getting a book of conversations starters and using that as your spring board for topics to blog on. (Or have I suggested this already? hmm, could be that little sleep thing. haha). Hope you have a great day! Glad the doggies are doing better!
-Whitney @www.revivinghomemaking.blogspot.com

Mrs. Pedersen said...

We just got a Keurig! I'm excited to try it out. :D

SnapeeGirl said...

Just found your blog thru pintrest ! love the 365 idea!
ok..healthy recipes..
Morningstar farms foods rock! my kids eat the chicken nuggets & patties and burgers and they dont know they aren't real meat/chicken.
Take steamed carrots or peas or beans and blend until smooth..add to pasta sauce or tacos ...no one knows :)