"What have you been doing?"

Hello fellow bloggers!  I thought I should probably write a post and talk about what I've been doing, and why I haven't written a blog post in a few days.  I'll have you guys know that there is quite a bit of planning going over here!  With just a few days till Christmas, I've been planning what to bake at our cookie/baking day, doing some meal planning, and doing  lot of blog prep work for the coming year.  As I mentioned not too long ago I'm re-starting my The Art of Housewifery series, and hopefully I'll slowly add some tips, tricks, tutorials, and maybe eventually layouts.  I'm also working on adding two new series for this coming year.  You'll have to stay tuned on those though, I want to keep it a surprise!  I also mentioned in a post on Monday about a business venture.  I had originally wanted something up and running before Christmas.  However, I recently had a revelation about a few things I could hand make that I am excited about.  It will be awhile until that's ready, but it may mean some cool free giveaways to you guys so you can sample and evaluate things for me!

I hope you all are enjoying the season, and celebrating the wonderful gift we were given by God!  I hope to have more detailed posts coming soon, so stay tuned!

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