Fly By...

This weekend FLEW by.
One minute it was Friday, and then I woke up and it was Monday morning!

Rob got home at about 2:45 Saturday morning.  We had dinner, got ready, and headed over to help my mom set up for her last craft show of the season.  We were meeting her at the high school in which she was having the craft show, we'd been there before two years ago and we decided to use GPS on my phone to get there.

When it said we were there, we were at a church.  We knew it wasn't right, but figured we were close.  Rob drove around a bit just to make sure it wasn't over just a street.  It was also raining and still dark as it was only 5:45 in the morning.  With all Robs backing up, circling, hitting bumps, and quick stopping, I was terribly carsick when Rob stopped and asked a guy if he knew where the high school was.  I am totally surprised Rob could understand what they guy was saying, I got lost after he said take a right at the first street, and a left at the next!

Thankfully we got there, unfortunately we were a little late.  We helped my mom and dad set up, and left at about 9 in the morning.

Originally my goal was to go just to Toys R Us to look around.  Once we got in there we discovered they were having some amazing sales.  We ended up buying 4 toys there, and then were off to a few other places for the older nieces and nephews.  I had 4 stores in mind to try to get some items from, and we only found one gift after going to all 4 places.  We then trekked to Hobby Lobby, the Dollar Tree, and then Walmart.  After leaving Walmart we had all but one gift, and we knew what and where to get the last one.  We were going to go get it, but by this time it was about 3:15 PM and we needed to get back to the craft show to help pack things up.

Let me just say, by the time we left Walmart we'd been up 24 hours.  It was super cold, and rainy, and my shoes got soaked walking in and out of stores.  I just knew I was getting blisters, and I know Robs legs hurt too.  We thought about giving up.  But we knew we could get it all done.

We helped load up the craft items, and were on our way to our last stop.  Toys R Us of course!  My feet hurt so badly I couldn't go inside, so Rob went in and made the last purchase of the day.  After that we went home, ordered pizza, ate, and dragged ourselves to bed.

Yesterday we spent the day vegging out.  Except for our trip out to get groceries.  I also managed to get a virus on my laptop.  I think it's taken care of, but I'm going to spend a lot of the day burning pictures to CDs just in case.

How was your weekend?  Did you get any Christmas shopping done?

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Sophie A. said...

oh la la! I love your blog design. You are welcome. I loved the dress as well and the girls were too cute! Thanks for the birthday wishes too.
Your message was helpful. I'll try to follow God along :)