I know I said yesterday I was going to do a post on making a brine, but I'm going to put that off until tomorrow.  I've had something on my mind today, and it's what I'm going to be writing about today!

I read a lot of different blogs, and on a particular blog I read a woman has said some things that I find interesting.  I'm not naming the woman, or the blog in this post, but if you would like to know whom it is I would be glad to share that with you.  This woman is a pastors wife and has said the following things in various blog posts in which she answers questions people have about her and her lifestyle.

"1. What are your thoughts on pacifism? 2. If a new neighbor moved in next door and was a gay couple with a small child would you still witness to them? Would you allow your children to play with theirs? 

1. Jesus is the Prince of Peace. There is peace in heaven. Peace is a wonderful thing. I believe we should only engage in wars to defend our own country when under attack. I am against pre-emptive strikes, offensive wars (as opposed to defensive), and meddling with other countries' issues.
2. We would move."
"Still waiting (I have asked twice in the past) for your answer as to what you would do if you found out one of your children were gay. I hope you do not answer that they will NOT be gay because of ...blah blah blah. I want to know if one DID become gay, how would your family handle it. Thanks and I hope you are feeling better with your pregnancy.

This is a hypothetical question. What would you do if you found out your child is a child molester or mass murderer? Homosexuals are on the same (or worse) level of depravity. I would be absolutely disgusted with them and not want to socialize with them any more than I would want to socialize with the other examples given.

But how likely do you think it is for your child to grow up and be a Hitler or a sex predator? Do you think raising such a monster would be avoidable if you did your job as a parent right? According to the Bible, only unbelievers can become homos, because they have rejected God and hate Him. In turn, God turns His back on them, and they become the dirty animals that they are because they are only following their wicked, perverted hearts.

Our children grow up with the Bible as their guide from birth. At a young age, as soon as they are old enough to understand, they make their own choice to believe on God and become Christians, thereby making it impossible to ever become a reprobate. The reason why so many kids grow up in Christian homes and turn out fags is because they never get saved to begin with because they might be hearing a confusion of the gospel, such as that they need to "give up their sins" in order to be saved. Add to that the fact that most churches push their nurseries, day cares, and Christian schools, many of which are teeming with predators, and there is a good chance that the child will end up getting molested, and thus hating and rejecting anything they perceive as having to do with God, religion, or church. "


To be honest, reading this womans responses kind of make me sick to my stomach.  The first question is the one I read first and I was honestly shocked when I read that her and her family would move if a gay couple moved next door.  As a Christian I do not believe homosexuality is right, I believe it is a sin, but I would not move if a gay couple lived next door.  In fact, I would befriend them, and their children.  Obviously there are variables in this situation.  It would be a great opportunity to show Christs love, and witness to them.  It may not always be so easy, but I believe we are to be a light in this world.  As a Christian, aren't we supposed to love our neighbor?  Jesus ate with sinners, He never avoided them or left.

As to this womans second answer, well, it leaves me speechless.  To say gay people are as bad as mass murderers and child molesters?  And to say that she would be disgusted with her own child.  It broke my heart.  Not to mention the rest of her reply.

What do you guys think?  What would you do in these situations?  I really, really would like to hear your opinions on this.


Schy said...

I do not see a problem with her saying she would move. Some people do not want their young children seeing that sort of lifestyle until they are older and can explain it to them further. Her choice in my opinion. I have gay family members one of which being a woman who dresses like a man my little brother calls her Mr.Kim(berley). I am not sure how I would explain or address this with a young child. Confusing! I do not agree with the homosexual lifestyle (but I have gay family members I am very close to and a few gay friends I do not treat them differently God is their judge not me) but to some degree we are the same as mass murderers and such when we sin cause ALL sin is sin.

Missy said...

I agree ALL sin is sin. Would she move if an alcoholic moved in? Or an adulterer? Or a liar? Do you think Jesus would just pick up and move away? In the end we're only accountable for our own sins and called not to judge others. "For we ALL have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God." I think we're called to love people, let our lives be an example, and share the gospel with them, the rest is in God's hands.

Amy said...

I agree with what Missy said. No matter who lives next door to us, one thing is guaranteed. They will be sinners. If there was someone next door who posed a physical danger to me or my family, then we might need to talk about moving (I wouldn't want to raise children next door to a child molester, for example). However, there is not going to be any such thing as a perfect neighbor. We can only be loving, share the gospel and pray, and let God work in their lives.

Sophie A. said...

THANK YOU FOR YOUR COMMENT. This post is deep so I have to re-read it :D but your [post about the header was clear. It's just me as I'm not that savvy lol. will have to look at it again. I just wasn't seeing it on my computer. Maybe I clicked on something different. I hope you are well :D

Alexis said...

I think it is not our job to judge. It is God's job. So to judge another person the way this woman is is unchristianlike. God loves everyone.

Katie said...

Comments like this lady made are the very reason that most "secular" people think we Christians are nut-jobs!

I believe we as a nation should not engage in a war or in another country's affairs unless is it absolutely necessary.

I do not agree with homosexuality. I believe it is wrong. However, it is not my job to condemn those who have chosen that lifestyle. I have friends who are gay, some who have issues with drinking, etc. I may not like their choices, but all I can do is show them the love of Jesus, and encourage them to turn away from their wrong lifestyle when the situation permits.

It really saddens me to hear a pastor's wife speak in such language. It seems that she is blinded by her own hatred for people "different" from her.

Everyone has sin in their lives. Hating someone because of a choice a person has made, is just as wrong as the sin of that person.

I want others around me to see Jesus and His love in my life and my actions.

May we not be guilty of judging those around us. God is our one and only judge. We answer to Him and Him alone for our sins. I want others around me to see Jesus and His love in my life and my actions.