Make Your Own Money Envelopes!

My husband and I recently decided to revamp our budget to account for Christmas, and to be more diligent in using cash only.  We previously used envelopes, so I was going to print labels on the envelopes we had, and then laminate them the poor people way (i.e. clear tape!).  I got ready to print on my envelopes when I realized I didn't have enough envelopes!  I ended up finding a template on pinterest for money sized envelopes, and decided to share the link and show you guys how I made my envelopes!

I used 12"x12" scrap booking paper for this.  I have a huge stash because I used to scrapbook.  Well, someday I may again.

I got a piece of regular white paper and laid it on the top of my paper, and traced it so that way I'd be able to place it in the printer.

This is the template printed on the back of the scrapbook paper.  After it's printed you just cut it out, and then fold it.

This is what it looks like after being folded.  You would be ready to use it, or you could add tape now if you were just going for something simple.  Of course that's not my plan!

I used Corel and made this little label for the front of my envelope.  The font has snowflakes in it!

I taped it to the front of my envelope.  I just kind of guesstimated where the center was and it looks pretty good, so I wouldn't stress over being too exact.

For doing the poor lamination I would suggest placing your item on a clean surface.  Also be slow and deliberate in the placement of the first piece of tape as that is what anchors it.  I put tape on the front and back.  You wouldn't have to do this step but I chose too because in our house, things have a tendency to get messy.  My husband also has dirty hands from work 99% of the time.

Here is the end result.  You can't really see the shine because I was not using the flash but it turned out really well.  On the back I got a slight wrinkle, but it's acceptable!

Here is the link for printing your own envelopes.  Do you use the envelope system in your household?


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Whitney said...

Awesome! You cracked me up when you said, "laminate them the poor people way" because anytime I want to "laminate" something small I instantly go to our moving supplies and pull out the clear packing tape! The reuse of scrapbooking paper is genius! I, too, have a collection of supplies from when I used to scrapbook regularly but now they're just stored for "one day." hah.
We don't use an envelope system per say in our budget because it just became too much of a headache when income came in the form of direct deposit. I always felt a little like robbing the bank when I went in to request certain bills to be withdrawn to put into cash envelopes. We use Mvelopes by Crown Financial instead. It's essentially the same thing, but in an electronic version. For any special savings such as Christmas, however, we'll still use a cash envelope to really keep it apart. It's much less stressful to know that there is money set aside specifically for that designated purchase(s)! Thanks for sharing this pattern! I'm definitely goign to put it into use for the next savings envelope I need! I rather like jazzing up something like saving for special purchases. :)

Missy said...

Cute! I've been wanting to make some fabric envelopes because I go through the paper ones every few months. Some card stock and packing tape might be a better solution though! :)

Marlynn said...

Thanks for sharing!! I've trying to find away to not go through envelopes so much! I was going to do fabric ones...but now I may not, for this is somewhat quicker. :)

Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

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