Living a Simpler Life...

Imagine a busy day at home.  You didn’t get quite enough sleep the night before, and from the moment you got out of bed you’ve been busy.  Getting your husband out the door, taking the dogs potty, feeding the cats, emptying the litter, and organizing your closet.  You fit in deep cleaning your kitchen, and although it took more time than you expected, you get done, step back and sigh happily.  The spices are organized, the fridge is scrubbed, the drawers organized, dishes done and put away, and your sink is beautiful and shining.  Then you look at the clock and realized your husband is going to be home from work soon!  I don’t know about you but in this situation I have a serious problem messing my kitchen up again.  The thought of cooking a great meal from scratch means dirtying dishes, and a disorganized mess of cooking in a hurry.  I would be much more apt to just go out and get something or have my husband pick something up on his way home, verses getting my kitchen messy again.  This is something I’ve struggled with lately.  I had the great idea to participate in some freezer cooking.


What is freezer cooking?  It’s the act of making components of your meal ahead of time and freezing for use later.  Some things like lasagna you make completely and freeze.  Other things, like chicken alfredo would just require you cooking, seasoning, and freezing your chicken.  Freezer cooking gives you the ability to take some of the steps out of everyday cooking.  How nice is it to be able to just pop your meal into the oven or crock pot?!  Monday I spent all day cooking.  I made an entire pan of lasagna, spaghetti and meatballs, meatballs and sauce for subs, spaghetti sauce, cooked hamburger for pizza, shepherd’s pie, and mexican.  I also cooked a meat, cheese, and bean combination which you scoop into tortillas, wrap and freeze.  These things are all nicely packed and frozen in the freezer, and it’s such a nice feeling!  Today I hope to work on making dinner rolls, pizza crust and French bread, along with cooking some chicken, pizza sauce, and a few other things to freeze for dinners.  I also saw this post this past week and knew it was something I had to do!  I made three batter bags as well, and plan on making a few more for some savory items.  Although these two days of cooking are difficult, I really think it’ll be worth it during the week.  A lot of ladies do this cooking with family or friends, which would make it a little more fun and not as difficult.  I however, have to admit to having fun today.  I just blasted music, sang, and cooked.  Do you freezer cook?  Would you ever consider doing so?


Kirsten said...

Yes, I do! I like to cook casseroles and freeze them in advance. :) Yay freezer cooking! Welcome back from your bloggy break.

Whitney said...

Awesome! Judging by the pictures alone you were quite the busy woman! I currently don't freeze entire meals, but will try to sneak in prepped meal components when I can. If I had a deep freezer I would have A LOT more going towards working in advance of dinner time. Even still, I take full advantage of my little apt refrigerator & freezer. I really like to get produce as it comes in season and put it away for winter (MUCH better than trying to buy it frozen or fresh in the winter!). I also like making batches of fruit juices or smoothies to store. Last, when we have space we'll get the larger cuts of meat when it's on sale and cut it into smaller portions. Doing this is a great money saver as well. So yeah, I'm a huge fan of utilizing the freezer for saving time and money! Great post! :)
-Whitney @revivinghomemaking.blogspot.com

Alana of Bella Organized Interiors said...

Hey, girl! It's so good to visit your blog again!

I have featured this post on my blog today and thought you might like to check it out: http://bellaorganizedinteriors.blogspot.com/2011/10/who-ive-met-while-partying.html. Hope you like it!

Toni said...

Yee gads, you go! You've got some SKILLS. :D Would I do it? Hmmm. Maybe if I could get my four (oh-so-chatty) children out of my hair AND could do it with a few girlfriends? I'm happy to have progressed to a weekly menu plan and I do cut and freeze onions, make an extra dinner occasionally and freeze, and so on. But all out? I am intrigued but I don't think I'd be successful. You, otoh,....skills!

Heather said...

You go, girl! :) That's awesome! I just got married and really want to start this. My husband & I are wanting to get a deep freezer soon!

Great post! :)