DIY Projects I Want To Accomplish...

I'm still struggling with writers block!  I thought I'd be over it by now.  I've tried to write a post similar to this before and had the same issue.  I really think Satan doesn't want me to get it written!

We've had a cold spell here in Missouri.  You have no idea how happy this makes me.  Yesterday it was cold, cloudy, gray and raining.  I love those types of days!  The next three days (including today) our highs are supposed to be in the 50's and the lows in the 30's.  I am so happy for fall to be here!  I'm so, so ready for more campfires, chai tea lattes, frosty windshields, pretty leaves changing and falling, and all the other wonderful things that accompany this time of year.  Being as my writers block has really hindered my blogging ability, I've been on pinterest more than I should!  I thought I'd share some DIY projects I've found there for the holidays that I hope to get started on soon.  Decorating is something that means a lot to me, especially for the holidays.  This will be my husband and I's 3rd thanksgiving and Christmas together, and we really don't have many decorations.  We haven't always had a lot of spare cash for decorations, and at times I get overwhelmed my all the pretties in the stores!  I love making things, so I decided to find some fun, easy DIY decorations to make to add to my collection.  Here are some of the top things on my thanksgiving, and Christmas lists!  ((I'm including food pictures as well!))

Such an awesome idea for thanksgiving dinner!  And a little simpler than a whole dish of sweet potatoes!

Uh...I guess these highlight my inner kid?

So awesome...I don't know how they would taste, but at least they'd be cute!

Love this idea for a wreath...only downside is this type of corm can be expensive. (yes, I did say corm...it's just cooler to say it that way!)

My mom has one of these trees and they plague the lawn!!  This would be a great way to use some!

So pretty and earthy, which is perfect for fall in my opinion.

I love signs.

Again, I think this is so cute.  Unsure what type of bottles I would use, but I love the look of this.

Another awesome idea!  Especially if you got some or all of these things at the dollar tree (minus the beans/lentils/corm), because it'd probably be pretty affordable.

I wanted to do one of these last year, but couldn't.  Probably won't do it this year, but I think it's a great idea.  You write what you are thankful for and tie to the tree.

Interesting take on the classic wreath.  I love the leaf colors.

Love this idea!  Especially if you can use real leaves.  ((I didn't check the link so I'm not totally sure))

Another great use of dried things.  I love it!

We have tons of field corm, so I will definitely be doing some of these.
Now for some Christmas DIY projects.  I have to admit that I've really been dreaming of Christmas lately.  It's all this cold weather!!

Take old Christmas lights, apply glue/mod podge and dip in glitter.  Then place in a vase or jar.

Take salt, plain or colored, and glue/mod podge onto vases/jars.

Love this cookie!  So fun and cute for Christmas eve with family!

Yummy caramel corn!

If I make nothing else for Christmas this year, I hope to at least make this.  This cake is AWESOME!

Fake snow in mason jars!  I love this idea so much.  It'd be affordable, and looks great.

Paint pine cones and place in pretty vase/basket.

Put ornaments in big jars and sit around.

Love these big signs!

Unfortunately you don't see a lot of religious Christmas ideas on pinterest, but I absolutely love this one.

Ornament wreath!! I love it!  And a lot of people use tubes of ornaments they get from the dollar tree.  So it's very affordable.

Mod podge/glue in clear glass ornament, add glitter and shake.  So pretty!

I've seen a few of these and I definitely want to make ten a few.  I've seen people use big, colored picture frames, and I've seen people write lyrics, or how many days till Christmas.  I love it because you can change it, and could totally write bible verses.  
So, these are some of the projects I hope to complete.  I haven't written about it recently but I'm still working my way through blog designs.  I've struggled some because of the nature of how I design my blog.  It'd be really easy to just give people the code to design their blogs.  However, I don't know how to do such a thing!  I'd have to become a temporary blog author.  That way I'd be able to access all of your HTML and CSS and all those goodies.  I'm not sure if this is how other blog designers work though.  So I'm unsure if there is an easier way to do this.  That is my biggest struggle right now!  Google as I may I cannot find which way is best or how others do it.  I found one person who gives blogging classes where I could get my answer, but the class is 30 dollars and I just don't know if that's something that's worth investing in.  Also, I want to make some blogger tutorials.  What types of blogging tutorials would you like to see?  What about blogger is confusing, or any other blog question you have, please send me a message or leave a comment!


Heather @ Mrs. Southern Bride said...

Every one of those projects looks fun!! And that sweet potato...oh gonna have to make one of those soon!

Anonymous said...

Where can we get the recipe for the red and green cake? Looks yummy!!

Whitney said...

I made the kiddos of the (extended) family a turkey similiar to the ones you've posted. They LOVED them! I always think it nice to have a fun kiddo treat each year for them. I seriously search all year to find the perfect fun food creation to bring them each Thanksgiving.
I've got a DIY of my own that I hope you can assist. I'm wanting to sew us some stockings this year and would love to embroider our names on them. Any tips for teaching yourself embroidery letters? Thanks!