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I thought I'd go ahead and update here.  There has just been so much going on my brain seems a little overwhelmed!

Let me kind of go over the days for you guys, I think that will be easier!

Saturday I barely remember!  It seems so far away already.  I think Rob and I just layed around, watched movies, and did a whole lot of nothing.  Sunday we went to church, and after church went to my parents like we normally do.  We had lunch, and worked on some sewing projects most of the day.  We had dinner and watched movies and went home.  Labor day, aka Monday, we got a call from my sister to come over with my niece and nephew to see kittens, then we went to lunch, and then we went shopping, and then we went home to get our dogs, and then we went to my moms to work on our sewing projects some more.  My father had to be at work at 1:30 AM Tuesday morning, and we had to be back at my moms by 8:00 AM Tuesday morning to take Duke to the vet.  We had to stop by wal*mart, go home and feed the cats, and then went back to my moms to just spend the night there.  ((I'm getting tired just writing this out!!))  I got about 3 hours of sleep (maybe) we took Duke to the vet.  Ended up having to leave him because they had to sedate him to determine if he had a torn cruciate along with x-rays.  They did all that and we picked him up at about 1:00 PM.  Our poor Duke was so out of it.  I've never seen him so foggy and sleepy!  He refused to sleep while he was at my parents, but once we got home at about 3:00 PM he got into "his" recliner and passed out!!  I had to make sure he was breathing because he was so still!  I also climbed into bed and fell asleep for most of the day trying to catch up on my lost sleep.  Wednesday was fairly unproductive.  We went out on some nice quiet potty breaks/walks.  I should be walking Duke on a lead only, but because when we go out usually he doesn't do a ton of running, I didn't make him stay on a lead.  With his injury any running, jumping, or wrong movement of his leg could cause a complete tear to his ligament which will make his recovery take longer.  I feel so nervous watching him move, or get on the bed because I'm so scared he'll hurt himself more.  The other struggle is thinking of the recovery from after surgery.  They will basically be cutting his bone in half, and screwing it in a new position, and that is what takes so long to heal.  Once the surgery is done he'll have two weeks of pretty strict "bed" rest.  He will be allowed outside to potty 3 times a day for about 5 minutes (or at least this is what I've heard/read)  We have to help our darling 73 pound dog up and down the stairs, and he's not allowed on any furniture, nor is he allowed to just walk around the house.  Any slip, fall, or bang could mess up the entire surgery.  After the two weeks he should be able to move around a little more, but it could be up to 6 months until he can go back to normal.  And, there is a high chance this will happen to his other knee in the following 1-2 years after surgery.  This is not a cheap surgery.  I've never totally said this on my blog, but it's not something I'm ashamed of, so I'll say it now.  My husband and I do not have good credit.  When we first got married, we had both had quite a bit of debt, and then I lost my job.  Thankfully my parents have been able to open a Care Credit account, and they will be able to put Duke's surgery on that, and then we'll be making the monthly payments.  It's times like these I kick myself for having made such bad choices, but we were immature and have definitely learned our lesson now.  I'm also so, so thankful for my parents being able to help us by getting Care Credit.  My husband and I were just talking about finances last night and have decided to go ahead and start saving money for Duke's other leg so that way if it does happen, we'll be able to pay it up front, or at least have a big portion we can pay, and if his other leg is fine, we'll have a nice savings built up!  So along with all of those thoughts/stresses, there is still a lot of questions, and "what if's" that go along with are we making the right choice on what type of sugery, how are we going to handle him recovering, what are we going to do to keep him entertained, what will we do with Dutchess?  Just a lot on my mind.  Today I'm at my moms again finishing up our sewing project.  I can't wait to show you guys!!!  Tomorrow I'll be at home all day cleaning, cleaning, cleaning.  We're not totally sure when Duke's surgery will be, probably this month and I want to have all the cleaning done, get everything deep cleaned, and make sure we have some type of schedule.  As it is I'm unsure if I will be able to take him out potty by myself, I'll probably need my husbands help.  And my husband works from 2 PM-1 AM soooo, it'll be interesting!

Well, these are my current updates.  Sorry if I'm behind on replying to comments, I hope to be able to get caught up and back in the swing by this coming Monday.  And I definitely cannot wait to show you guys my sewing project thats nearly complete!

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