Pretty, Pretty, Pictures...

I'd been wanting to take some pictures recently, but my camera needed batteries and we were out.  And we kept forgetting to get some.  We finally got some yesterday, so I took my camera with me tonight when I went out with the dogs.  Usually when I show pictures, I show what they look like right out of the camera.  Tonight however, I did some modifications with Picnik.  Have you guys used Picnik? You should, it's free, and it's pretty awesome.  It's how I make my headers/banners now.  Ok, so here we go...
See those yellow leaves?! Fall is on it's way!
There is no editing to this except I added a watermark.  This is a weed that grows here.

Close up of the flower of previous weed.  This effect from picnik is called 1960, and it seemed to fit this picture well for some reason.

I've shown these before, these are also one of the last things blooming.  As a frequent barefoot walker, I have GREAT respect for these plants.

This is such an awesome picture, except for that annoying power poll.  I forget which effect I used, but I'm thinking boost.

This is like the one above, just not boosted.  It was such a pretty sky tonight!

This was lomo-ish.  Boosting and vignette all rolled together.

I think this is holga-ish.  My hair is a mess, and my eye make up is more like everywhere make up!  I admit this was taken after I took a nap rested my eyes.

Lovely Duke, taking a swim, enjoying his last days of pure freedom for awhile.

The pond, looking fuller than last time after the rain we've gotten.

Duke and Dutchess greeting eachother.  Duke is on the left, Dutch on the right.

Another beautiful sky picture.  I don't know the effect I used, but I like it!

I don't know if I'm just an amazing photographer or what, but these sure look good!

I don't think I did an effect on this picture, it's just straight from the camera!

The last of summers flowers.
Sorry if these pictures are big!  Hope everyone is having a great week!


Sneakers Of Faith said...

These look great! :) You live in such a beautiful area!

Kirsten said...

I agree--what gorgeous scenery! I'm glad you were able to schedule Duke's surgery too.