Duke is home!

After the worlds longest 24 hours, Duke's surgery is done with, and he is home!!

I thought for sure when we went to pick him up he'd be mopey and groggy like he was last time.

However, he was happily dragging the vet tech towards us using only three legs (very impressive!)

He is shaved and all bandaged up and looking ridiculously cute.

We had some issues going down the steps, but I think with a little help we should do fine.

We have to restrict activity and him playing with his sister for 21 days, and then hopefully we'll be getting back to normal.

Here are some pictures!

Happily, and hungrily eating on his soup bone.

The worlds cutest shaved, bandaged leg.

Dutchess was super happy to see her brother, and after a few minutes of laying apart she brought her bone over, and ploped herself right down next to him!
Thank you to everyone who prayed, offered support, or kind words.  It has really meant a lot to us!


Amy said...

Yay, Duke! So good to see him home safe. I know you must be very relieved.

Kirsten said...

Aw, glad he's home safely! :)