Highs and Lows: 8/15-8/22


  • feeling better after being so sick
  • tomatoes are ripe and I've gotten some lovely harvests so far!
  • found a great deal at a local eye glass store, where we'll be able to get me contacts, and spend much less than we had previously though
  • embroidery is going well, I'll try to remember to take pictures of my blocks today!
  • got my wedding ring and engagement rings back yesterday!! My diamond fell out awhile ago, and we got my two rings soldered together, cleaned, and diamond fixed for FREE!!
  • found out if I ever lost my ring my diamond would be replaced for free!  Talk about a load of worry of my mind!
  • my Daisy and Simba are at the vet today, getting their shots, and gettined neutered and spayed
  • a little worried as to whether or not that may have FIV or Feline Leukemia.  Vet suggested waiting and testing there mom, to see if she does.  Either way I'm going to love these furballs!
  • huge, huge, huge storms Friday night.  We had limbs down, and my tomato plants got a beating
  • behind on housework, which seems constant
  • sink needs fixing and my husband hasn't been able to get it fixed just yet...good excuse for not doing dishes though :D
What are your highs and lows for the last week? Feel free to share below!


Sophie A. said...

Thank you for the comment on my post! :) I do agree with you...though I've seen men that do it better than women, though I'm not sure how lol...this was actually my college chaplain and i lived with him. it was strange to see, and he saw it as making her comfortable...he cooked, cleaned, held a full time job etc...i mean she worked full time too but the work shouldve been shared! she didnt really do much and he did much including working working on their yard and house. funny that even though he though he said he liked it, he told me one day that he wished she would do more :( so though i agree with you, i think some men do it better and thats because those women were probably not trained! what do you think? :) sorry for the long post. if you dont mind, please comment on my blog because the original post is old now lol. i dont mind if you respond on the recent post :) anyway no pressure! ok im done lol...this was longer than i expected.

Sophie A. said...

also. thank you for your comment on the book! definitely get it! i do hope your house goes well...praying!