Things To Know About Me

I've been trying to figure out what to write about, but honestly, just couldn't think of anything!  So, I thought I'd write more/share more about myself and my husband and stuff.  That way you know a little more about who I am, and such!

* I love fall.  Like really like fall.  Thinking of leaves changing, cool, crisp weather, and pumpkins makes me get butterflies in my stomach!

* I love Winter/Christmas even more than I love fall.  I love snow, cold weather, keeping warm under blankets, I love the beauty of Christmas, celebrating Jesus' birth, putting the nativity up, decorating the tree, having cookie days, and making cookie baskets to give to people.

* I love animals.  I'm sure you've noticed this trend if you've read my blog for any amount of time!  It doesn't even matter what species, I just love animals, and love learning about animals, and to this day I still love going to the zoo.

*  I live in Kansas City, Missouri, and the farthest I've ever traveled was on my honeymoon to South Padre Island, Texas.  Before that I'd only traveled to Kansas, Iowa, and we drove far enough into Illinois that I got to see woodhenge.  Yes, woodhenge!

*  I'm actually pretty funny in real life.  It's kind of hard to convey that humor here on "paper" though.  My husband and I laugh a lot, and sometimes when we shouldn't.  We also tend to choose laughing over getting angry, or crying.

*  My husband is a diesel mechanic.  He works on "tractors".  Which AREN'T actual tractors, apparently they call semi's tractors!  How confusing!

*  I am only allergic to poison ivy/oak/sumac.  I do however get bit welts when bitten by mosquitoes and I've recently discovered that although I'm not allergic to bee stings, I do however react badly when stung.

*  I am barefoot almost all the time.  Inside, outside, it really doesn't matter.  Being barefoot is just hardwired into my DNA.

*  When I was about 5 years old I heard my dad, and grandpa talking about trolls.  They were talking about the trolls living under ground and eating the stuff out of the garden.  I was petrified for days until I realized they had been talking about moles!

*  When I was little, 3 or 4, I grabbed a cats tail as it was climbing under my parents bed.  The cat scratched my eye!  Like, my actual eyeball.  (((eyeball is a pretty gross word)))  I had to wear a patch over my eye for quite a while it healed.  It healed fine, and caused no problem sight wise.  However, when I go to the eye doctor they can actually see the scar left by the cat!

*  My ears are pierced twice but I never wear earrings.  My ears are sensitive and earrings always bother me, so I just stopped wearing them.

*  I am right handed.

*  I can wiggle my ears.

*  In middle school it was mandatory to take a typing class.  I failed the class.  I was horrible at typing, and said I would NEVER learn.  I ended up learning, however, and can now type up to 65 words per minute.  Though I don't usually type that fast.

*  I'm a really fast reader.  I always get done reading things before other people, and when people ask me to read something, and I read it and say I'm done, they look at me like they think I'm lying to them!

Ok, that's all I can think of for now!  I hope you learned something new about me!  If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comment section and I'll answer them.

What are some interesting things about you?

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Kirsten said...

Thanks for sharing! :) October-December is my favorite time of the year as well! Not only because of the seasonal things, but because I got married in the fall. :)

Elizabeth @ Virginia Is For Mothers said...

I have pierced ears and most earrings bother my ears as well after a certain period of time. I've found that I have to pay attention to the type of metal used and mostly stick with the stuff for sensitive ears. I don't know if you've tried that, but it works for me! It also helps to dip the earring post into Neosporin before putting it in...prevents irritation. (My family dr told me that trick.)

fashioneggpplant said...

lol about the moles and trolls, priceless! :)

Reasonably Less said...

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SouthernCouponer said...

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Life,Twins,DramaQueen said...

Super cute Blog following you back. Thanks for stopping by :)

Frances said...

thanks for the follow...following you back :)

Posh said...

Fall seems so far away right now even though it is right around the corner.
Stopping by from the Friday hops to say hello.
Have a great day!

Amy said...

Love the fun list of things about you! I enjoy the fall, too. It's my favorite time of year.

And the story about the moles/trolls was too cute!


Sophie A. said...

I can wiggle mine too!! Only a few people can do this :)