Highs & Lows: Week 7


  • kind of like last week, it's super hot here, AND according to the weather guy that heat and humidity is sticking around until at least this Friday.
  • our other kitten now has a cold :(
  • due to the heat, we've spent a lot of time indoors, and it's been fairly boring
  • our kitten that was sick is better, and back to playing, and being her ornery little self!
  • we had 12 green tomatoes as of last week, and as of yesterday we now have 23!
  • we had a great dinner yesterday with my mom and dad, ham, coleslaw, baked beans, and potato salad
  • I've gotten quite a bit of embroidery done, kind of a low though, my hand/arm has been hurting from all the embroidery!
  • It's Monday, and usually the house is messy from the weekend, but it's actually not messy, and it's looking pretty nice!!
What are your highs and lows for the week?


Rebecca said...

It's always nice to have more highs than lows! It is sooooo humid here too! Ugh. I'd still prefer it over winter time though. :)

Sophie A. said...

high: got my papers done!
low: more papers to write :(

Life,Twins,DramaQueen said...

Hey! I Like your blog so much that I've just awarded you with the Butterfly Blogger Award! Click the link to come pick up your award!!