Highs & Lows 7/18-7/25


  • it's still been ridiculously hot and humid
  • husband has worked a lot of overtime and I've haven't spent much time with him in the last week
  • I have a canker sore on the back of my throat, making it hurt to swallow
  • I've accidently poked myself with a needle 3 million times
  • extended family drama
  • sleeping difficulties
  • uninspired when it comes to blogging :(
  • house is a mess after the weekend
  • tomatoes are doing great in the garden, and a few may be getting the slightest blush of color!
  • both of our kittens are doing/feeling much, much better
  • finished my first set of embroidery blocks
  • started a new set of embroidery blocks
  • already ahead of schedule with said embroidery blocks
  • had a guest post over at Homemaker by Choice which was an awesome opportunity!
I think that's all.  It's really been a crazy week, and I just know I'm forgetting to mention something!  I'll try to do a post by Wednesday on my embroidery blocks because they are super cute!  Tomorrow is the next post in the The Art of Housewifery series, so definitely check back for that!

So, what were your highs and lows for the last week?


aimymichelle said...

fighting with the boy, aunt flow were lows but we had a weekend of no fighting and lots of us time so that was great.

Kirsten said...

Lows: feeling overwhelmed, extended family drama, and feeling like I'm running out of time this summer.

Highs: good auditions for a show I'm producing, my man there through thick and thin, God's grace. :)

Nicole said...

lows: MIL came and went, leaving behind quite the mess (not just physically). both me and the baby sick. an INsane amount of time wasted on television. super messy house bc of everything.
highs: Jesus STILL loves me. I managed to get some housework done today. my kitchen is clean after dinner (for once!) :)