Highs & Lows Week 5


  • my green bean plants are starting to bud!!!
  • we had a few days when the weather was absolutely GORGEOUS!!
  • there are flowers blooming...everywhere!! I have my fingers crossed they will still be blooming in a couple weeks for my mom and dads luau party!
  • Rob and I stopped by Kay jewelers and got my ring cleaned!  It's back to its sparkly self now!
  • made homemade copycat pizza hut pizzas, the sauce was a big winner, and the pizza was tasty, but not as good as the real deal!
  • got a new and cheap straightener after my darling Dutchess ate my old one!  How can a dog destroy a straightener?! I dunno, but you can definitely ask my dog and she'll let ya know!!
  • I used a new technique for getting lose curls in my hair, I'll write a post about that sometime this week!
  • it's back to being hot and humid again!
  • due to flooding and such there are an overabundance of mosquitoes!! Agh!
  • I struggled with being ridiculously tired, exhausted, and unmotivated, thankfully I feel back to normal after catching up on some sleep this weekend!
What were your highs and lows for this previous week?!

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Anonymous said...

This is such a neat post! Never thought to do a "highs and lows" post. :)

Thanks for visiting Taylor Made Home. I'm so glad you liked the posts! Hope to see you back soon!