Mother's Day

Mother's day is just a few days away!  This is actually a holiday I really enjoy, even though I'm only a mother to a few furbabies, vs any people babies!  I love giving gifts, yet feel awkward at times receiving gifts.  Having a holiday where I just get to give, and show my appreciation, is my kind of holiday!  Last year I started a tradition I think I will carry out for as long as I possibly can.  I cooked an amazing meal for my mother.  Not just a normal, run of the mill, meal, but I real, delicious, beautiful meal.  I settled on making boeuf bourginon, with apple dumplings for dessert.  My mom absolutely loved them.  For her birthday she requested the exact same thing again.  This year, I wanted to go a step further.  Our mother's day menu is as follows...

First Course:  Insalata Caprese  (tomato, mozzarella, basil, olive oil salad)

Second Course:  Italian Sausage Soup with Tortellini

Third Course:  Chicken Alfredo
Accompaniment:  Breadsticks

Dessert:  Tiramisu

I am so incredibly excited to serve her this meal!  I love the fact that I can give her a day off, so to speak.  I'll be preparing and serving at her house, so I'll clean her kitchen, serve her food, leave her leftovers and spend an entire day serving her!  I will hopefully post tutorials and recipes on my cooking site soon as well, so stay tuned!!

What are you planning to do for your Mother(s) on Mother's day?!

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aimymichelle said...

i feel super awkward getting gifts too. i've just done the giving so long its hard to receive at all.