Highs & Lows Week 2

I'm always too late to link up with this challenge, but I really like it!  So here are my highs and lows for this past week.


  • rolled up my sleeves and got a lot of deep cleaning done
  • made time to work on some hexagon pieces
  • made cookies for my husband twice to surprise him when he got home from work
  • had a great birthday party for my dad
  • had wonderfully cool weather
  • green beans sprouted unexpectedly
  • had a goal to get entire house done and deep cleaned by Friday, and didn't make it
  • rabbits ate some of my green beans
  • kittens are going to new homes next Monday :(
  • my bathroom scale isn't working
  • bad headaches
  • difficulty getting my sleep schedule back on track
  • budgeting troubles
Those are my highs and lows, what are yours?

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Schy said...

My high of the week was the semester coming to an end and putting all the books away! My low of the week was finidng out my great grandma is having surgery on her hands.

BTW, Im Schy(sky) and I started following you not too long ago but just got around to introducing myself:) I am 19 and soon to be engaged. I followed you since you are a young wife which I will soon be too, God willing. Any words of wisdom for those that are getting married young?


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