Exhausted and Confessions

Yesterday I took a massive undertaking.  I rearranged our bedroom, my craft room, and have started a massive decluttering movement in my house.  I am really hoping by Friday to have the kitchen, laundry room, craft room, and living room completed.  In our current house we also have an extra room off the kitchen that is actually called a canning room.  It was specifically made and designed for canned goods, and storing potatoes and onions in the bottom.  Right now, more or less, it's used for storage.  If I thought that it would be possible to get in there and get that cleaned and decluttered without it making everything else messy I would.  I want to get it done by the time I start canning items which is still a month, (maybe two?) away.

I also have a confession to make.

I am not a big lover of summer.  Sure, it has it's good points, watermelon, gardens, flowers, 4th of July, swimming.  I don't like the bugs, the heat, the sweating.  I do, however, love fall, winter, and spring.  Out of these, I love fall and winter even more.  The other day I started daydreaming of fall.  Leaves changing, that first taste of cold weather, halloween items in the stores, hot cider, hot cocoa, Thanksgiving, scarecrows, pumpkins, bon fires and cold noses.  I love that time of year.  I love it more than I can even express!  The most exciting thing about the beginning of summer, is that after summer, it's fall!  I'm trying to remind myself to appreciate this season.

In reality though, I'm just bearing through this season to get to fall!


Amber @ Lucky Lees to Be ♥ said...

You go girl! Decluttering is AWESOME!!! Tomorrow is my 'clean day' and I'm going to try to make it fun for myself...Blaring music, some dancing in there, and most definitely some decluttering!

and I totally feel ya on the fall day dreams...I love summer, swimming,mini-weekend vacations, beach parties, but I have a hard time with sweat, and heat. Bleh! plus this fall is particularly special to me if you know what I mean. It will be a fall that I will never forget! ahhh, I can feel the cool fresh air now, oh wait, thats the thunderstorm coming! oops! lol

aimymichelle said...

i HATE sweating too its so ugh. i totally go through reorganizing spurts too. i feel like i'd do that a lot when i have a house.