I swear, just the other day, looking out of our yard everything was pale yellow and dead.  After a bit of warm weather and two days of rain, it's like everything woke up!! Green grass, and look at these daffodils!!  It'll just be a few more weeks until we have lovely yellow flowers gracing us!!

I was out and about today and took some pictures, and I thought I'd share what I saw, and a few signs God's giving to let us know, that yes! Spring is on it's way!!
This is one of our apple trees.  We have an orchard here that has apple, plum, cherry, and peach trees.  The apples themselves won't be ready till fall, but, here they are peaking out getting a head start on their growing!!
 Here's a view of all the branches!!
 A bale of hay.  It look extremely pretty compared to the stark woods behind it and the bright green grass!
 I wrote just a few days ago that I saw a sprout on my onions.  I took out my camera and got a lovely picture of one of many onion sprouts.  Guess what else I saw...
 Tomato sprouts!!  Basil sprouts!!  Thyme, and rosemary, and a lot of others too!!  They are growing!!
 Isn't this a lovely picture?!  This is my darling Dutchess.  She found an antler that was stashed in one of our building outside.  She carried i around like it was gold, and brought it inside.  Other than it looking a bit awkward to guests, she LOVES chewing on the antler.  I didn't know, but I guess dogs love them so much people actually sell them on etsy!!  In this picture Dutchess had been chewing her antler, and then fell asleep!  It sure doesn't look comfy to me!
 Here are Duke and Dutchess digging for gophers out by our pond.  This is literally their favorite thing ever!!
We have these trees everywhere around here! I'm not sure what they are called, but they have these thorns all over the trunk and on the branches.  It's interesting to see because it always makes me think of Jesus' crown of throrns.  These also really suck to step on!!

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