5 Things

1.  Food on a charcoal grill tastes better.  Tonight we had our second meal in just over a week on our charcoal grill.  I absolutely love food off a grill, especially a charcoal grill!!

2.  I love this warmer weather.  Going outside and STILL being able to feel your hands, fingers, feet and toes.  It's so wonderful.  Feeling a warm breeze, and the sun smiling down on you is just absolutely lovely.

3.  Daffodils!!!  They are coming up!!  There are the green leaves of daffodils but a few feet from the door outside that are about 5 inches high.  Soon, we'll have daffodils!! Bright yellow beautiful spring colors.  I am literally counting down the days!

4. Today, while watering and checking my starter seeds I planted.  I saw a SPROUT!!  Some of my onions have poked their little leaves out of the soil!  It's so wonderful to see that sight.  I've been so scared that maybe I did something wrong, or I got bad seeds, to see these sprouts give me such excitement.

5.  I cannot wait to go fishing!  My husband I were going to go this Saturday, but it sounds like they are calling for rain.  I'm hoping sometime very, very soon, we'll be able to go to our pond, and have a fishing contest.  Whomever catches the most, wins!!

Hope everyone else is having a little taste of spring where they are as well!

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